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Building HVAC Consultancy

HVAC consultancy involves providing expert advice and guidance on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. We serve our customer's need in terms of technology required, initial investment of the client, energy effeciency of the system and also the feasibility of the indoor and outdoor product selection

Building HVAC Execution

Collaborating closely with architects, engineers, and contractors, we ensure the seamless integration of air conditioning systems into building designs, adhering to all applicable codes and regulations. Our teams execute projects with professionalism, delivering timely completion and superior workmanship.

Building HVAC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance services encompass routine inspections, cleaning, and repairs to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. Tasks involve checking and replacing air filters, cleaning coils and condensers, refrigerant charging, inspecting electrical connections, and testing system performance, ensures the ongoing reliability and peak performance.

Lighting Automation

Lighting Automation involves the remote monitoring and control of both indoor and outdoor lights, providing the convenience of creating customized mood lighting through dimmable and non-dimmable options. Beyond enhancing ambiance, it contributes to energy savings by optimizing electrical consumption.

Security Systems

A building security system is a cohesive network of physical and electronic components designed to safeguard residential or office spaces. This comprehensive system comprises elements such as CCTV cameras, intrusion and fire alarm systems, access control mechanisms, boom barriers, video door phones, and digital locks. Together, these components collaborate to ensure the security and protection of the designated area.

Audio Video Solutions

Audio and video distribution is the most exciting feature of any place. It is upcoming and most demanding feature for your home or office. With a centralised audio / video amplifer you can stream the data to seperate rooms and you can independently control the kind of media you want to listen or watch and you can even the volume is in your hands for each user through their mobile phones.

Home Theatre

Advancements in technology and evolving lifestyles have led to a growing preference for high-quality home cinema experiences. Enhanced video and audio quality now rival traditional theaters. Through integrated home automation systems, one can effortlessly control their dedicated home theater or a recreation room system with a single button click. This includes dimming lights, closing curtains, locking doors, and activating the projector and AV system, all with a tailored "movie scene."


The amount of data getting used today in every building, networking plays a very important role to transfer any kind of data seamlessly. Whether its your office huge data files, media files, watching movies on OTT platforms, it has become very crucial to enhance the networking abilities in your place which also takes care of your privacy and safety of your data. Usage of right networking products, routers, wireless access points is the need of the hour. As we are highly trained and capable of delivering your networking requirements.


In home and office automation, motorized curtains seamlessly integrate with indoor lighting and sunlight management. Enhancing lifestyle and elevating the sitting experience, automated curtain control, coupled with mood lighting, imparts a sense of grace and positivity. Whether adjusting light levels indoors or automating gate access with a simple click, this technology brings peace and comfort to daily spaces.

Truck Refrigeration

The perishable goods transport market in India is rapidly gaining momentum, addressing a critical need. Each year, significant amounts of food are wasted due to untimely and improper deliveries. Dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meat, frozen food, seeds, and vaccines are daily essentials that demand preservation in optimal conditions for quality consumption. A robust supply of refrigerated trucks not only saves money for the country but also promotes healthier living.

Reefer Truck / Van Insulated Containers

In the thriving truck refrigeration market, the demand for PUF insulated containers is on the rise. Our advanced technology allows for the production of PUF-insulated containers that meet a wide range of temperature needs for perishable goods. Our manufacturing facility is well-equipped to address diverse requirements, including those for food-grade and vaccination standards, providing comprehensive solutions to meet various demands.

Bus Air Conditioning

With a longstanding presence in the market, the bus air conditioning industry has witnessed the survival of only a few players. Celebrating over 20 years in this sector, we take pride in our sustained growth. Our expertise extends beyond new installations for large buses, mini buses, and vanity vans; we boast a sizable team dedicated to the repair and maintenance of these vehicles across North India.

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